Too many of us find our pursuit of a meaningful and fulfilling life often pushed to the side by our busy schedules. In addition to a lack of time, we also struggle to find the resources, support, and encouragement we need to propel us forward. We look back to find that we never really lived as we were intended or as we dreamed – we just survived.

No matter what might be holding you back, counselor, coach, and consultant Alexis Arzuaga of Clarion Nous of Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC, and Greenville and Columbia, SC, is dedicated to helping you push past it. He offers mental health counseling for a wide range of struggles and concerns, including but not limited to grief and loss, trauma, work and career issues, veteran issues, support for those in substance use recovery, existential concerns, spiritual struggles, and Christian faith-related concerns. He is proud to work with adult individuals. He is passionate about serving paramedics, firefighters, and other first responders, as well as immigrants, veterans, medical care providers, mental health providers, law enforcement, and their family members.

Alexis Arzuaga offers several techniques through Clarion Nous of Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC, and Greenville and Columbia, SC, to ensure every client receives the mental health counseling they need. In addition to mental health evaluations, some of the services and techniques include:

  • Memory Reconsolidation 
  • Accelerated Resolution Therapy 
  • Progressive Counting 
  • The Cortina Method
  • Mindfulness 
  • Spiritual/Christian approaches 
  • Solution-Focused Brief Therapy 
  • Strength-Based approach
  • Ibrido Method, which he created with a colleague as an integrated approach toward memory reconsolidation 

Through these techniques, he helps clients work through what’s holding them back, helps them gain self-awareness, and helps them find internal strength to achieve their goals.

Don’t look back on your life, wondering where the time has gone and regretting what you haven’t accomplished. If you live in or around Chapel Hill or Raleigh, NC, or Greenville or Columbia, SC, make a positive change and start working toward your dreams by scheduling an in-person or online mental health counseling session with Alexis Arzuaga at Clarion Nous

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