• Clarion Nous
    Clarion: Clear and straightforward sound like the call of a battle trumpet.
    Nous: It dwells deep within the soul, aware of Divine Truth informed by immediate experience, intuition, or understanding.


The name Clarion Nous developed from the understanding that we struggle in life because we are distracted from what is essential to our soul. As we engage in these distractions and temptations, life becomes more complicated and inevitably, we experience various existential and spiritual complications. Therefore, my approach to working with individuals is to be straightforward, direct, and honest, and to provide feedback so that individuals begin to identify what gets in the way of reaching their authentic life goals. In doing so, the individual will gain self-awareness, assume responsibility for their life, identify growth areas, and move towards changing patterns and behaviors to achieve life-giving goals.

The ultimate goal of the Clarion Nous vision is that as we gain self-awareness, our limitations and goals become apparent, and in doing so, we continue to work on restoring ourselves to our created nature, that is, the "image and likeness" of the Triune God. 

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."

Carl G. Jung