Memory Reconsolidation

Memory Reconsolidation

At Clarion Nous serving Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC, and Columbia and Greenville, SC, Alexis Arzuaga, a nationally certified counselor offers online and in-person mental health care and coaching, including memory reconsolidation. His aim is to help clients overcome the barriers of life and achieve their personal goals in a positive, and healthy way.

What Is Memory Reconsolidation?

First, it’s important to remember that we have two basic classifications of memory. Short-term memory and long-term memory. Not all short-term memories convert or stabilize into long-term memories.

The process where a short-term memory becomes a long-term memory is called consolidation, and it is a time-sensitive process that is open to interference from outside influences including:

  • Behavioral
  • Pharmacological

Memory reconsolidation is when a particular long-term memory is recalled and restabilized after being exposed to new information or experiences relating to that memory. You can imagine that memory reconsolidation is like updating a memory or, in certain cases, deleting emotional aspects of a particular memory to improve your behavioral, mental, and emotional well-being.

It is theorized that this is why our memories aren’t perfect and susceptible to change. On a biological level, this occurs unconsciously, but a skilled counselor can help you direct your memory reconsolidation for your benefit by helping you to draw out or trigger particular memories and resolve them gently and holistically so that the burden of past events is less overwhelming and is less likely to harm your day-to-day living.

Benefits of Memory Reconsolidation

Located in Chapel Hill, NC, Mr. Arzuaga at Clarion Nous offers memory reconsolidation to the communities of Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC, and Columbia and Greenville, SC, as part of his services as a counselor, consultant, and coach.

At our practice, many of our clients are people who want to change their responses without using substances. Mr. Arzuaga uses the Ibrido Method, which he and a colleague created, as well as the Cortina Method (TCM). These are brain-based healing methodologies, rooted in neuroscience, to help clients resolve trauma. They involve brain optimization and reprocessing, aiming to weaken memories of traumatic and triggering events that are obstacles to your better mental health and quality of life.

The benefits of memory reconsolidation using the integrative Ibrido Method and TCM include working towards discovering the root cause of your problems and addressing them to resolve emotional and behavioral difficulties holistically. It’s a talking and experiential process that does not force the client to relive painful emotions to deal with them.

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Mr. Arzuaga at Clarion Nous provides mental health counseling and coaching, including memory reconsolidation for the clients of Chapel Hill and Raleigh, NC, and Columbia and Greenville, SC, in-person and to the rest of the states online. If you need help overcoming life’s challenges and achieving your goal sustainably, call us now at (919) 694 4411 to schedule your consultation.